Request a Free Trial

The free trial can only be used by GROUPS and you will need at least 20-30 people to properly simulate a market. A trial round lasts 25 minutes and can take place on the date and time of your choosing.

If you are a group of students, please coordinate your trial request through a faculty member or administrator at your institution.

Groups must designate a group administrator who will be responsible for scheduling the game, inviting players, and distributing the final results. Instructions for doing so will be sent to the group administrator once we have processed your application.

Please contact us at least 2 weeks before you are planning to play the game to ensure that everything can be set up in time. We will respond within several days of submitting this form to get things started.

To purchase access, please visit the Yale Management Media store.

If your group is ready to go and you're willing to be your game's contact/admin, fill out this form and and we'll get back to you. Thanks.

Please let us know why you are interested in the Yale Stock Trading Game.
Time zone is local.
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