Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the device and system compatibility requirements? 

Surface tablets (touchpad/mouse recommended), laptops (Windows or Mac), and PCs are all supported. Laptop users might also find an external mouse helpful.  Phones and other tablets are NOT supported. The following browsers are compatible: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome -- though we recommend the latest versions of these. Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

Do I need a high-speed Internet connection?

Yes, the faster, the better. If you have any doubts about your connection, we suggest visiting before you play the game. Change the server to Pilot in Ashburn, Virginia, and click "Go." In the results you will see a measure called Ping ms:

  • < 50 is excellent.
  • 50 - 100 is very good.
  • Some users, especially in other countries, may see numbers from 200-300.

If your results are significantly above 100 ms and you are using WiFi, we encourage you to try using a wired ethernet connection or changing location.

If you're playing from home, keeping your home network's traffic to a minimum -- by avoiding heavy tasks like streaming media, for example -- may reduce lag and improve game performance.

I'm a member of the Yale community playing from off-campus -- do I need to VPN in to play?

No -- in fact, using VPN can slow performance.

Some services that require VPN at Yale use CAS/NetID; if you are logged in somewhere, and are unsure about your VPN status, please logout.

Can I have others browser tabs or applications open when I play?

We strongly recommend only keeping those tabs or apps that may be related to your game or class open; completely closing – not just minimizing, but quitting – all other browser tabs and background applications will help to improve game performance.

I will also be using Zoom or other videoconferencing software as I play -- can this affect performance?

It could. If you've ruled out other issues and the game still seems sluggish, try stopping your video.

Are there any other tips I should know about?

Double-clicking during game play can slow the time it takes to execute trades, so try to always click once!

The Game

Is prior experience necessary to play the game?

No. The game is intended to provide a fun introduction to stock markets, regardless of background. In fact, we've found that asset managers typically fare no better than their less-experienced colleagues. 

Is the game linked to the existing stock market?

No. This game attempts to simulate as closely as possible the workings of our capital markets, but without the constraint of being tied to any one market. Therefore, since the game is not using real-time data, it can be played much more quickly than typical stock market games (which often last weeks or months). 

How many people can play the game? 

There is no limit to the number of people who can play the game, but we recommend a minimum of 20 participants in order to have a sufficiently active market with which to trade. 

Will additional materials be provided?

We provide instructors with teaching materials they may use to guide class discussion. We also provide documentation for students to use to review game play. 

How much does it cost to play the game?

We charge a small fee to play the game, which is applied to ongoing maintenance costs.